Tour Schedule

A comprehensive listing of scheduled stops across the galaxy for the year 2020.

Furnal Equinox

March 20 - 22, Toronto ON

Furnal Equinox is a non-profit event held during the Spring Equinox that focuses on sharing and celebrating anthropomorphic arts and culture, while fundraising and spreading awareness for local animal charities.

Green Faire

August 28 - 30, Milton ON

The Green Faire is a yearly occurrence for Fantasy Alive, a creative entertainment business that caters to those interested in live action roleplay (LARP) and this event features local artisans who'd like to sell their wares. It's child friendly, and packed with entertainment for everyone!

Oxford Renaissance Faire

September 25 - 27, Oxford ON

A immersive and entertaining festival that's held over the course of 2 days, that features opportunities to play along with the actors as they become medieval characters in their own stories. There's also vendors, live music, demonstrations, stage performances, dancing, jousting, and educational lessons to keep you entertained the whole way through.